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UGO RONDINONE and FRANZ WEST 'La science des rêves', Collection Odermatt, Arsenal, Montréal

Until 15.03.2014

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18 - 21.04.2013

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to booth D18, Hall 1, during Art Brussels 2013

Wednesday April 17th (by invitation only)
Preview: 12 - 4 pm
Opening: 4 - 10 pm

Public Opening hours
Thursday April 18th: 12 - 10 pm
Friday April 19th: 12 - 7 pm
Saturday April 20th: 12 - 7 pm
Sunday April 21th: 12 - 7 pm

Works by following artists will be presented at our booth:

Matthias Bitzer
Sergey Bratkov
Johan Creten
Vincent Geyskens
Mark Hagen
Gregor Hildebrandt
Patrick Hill
Erik Lindman
Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille
Peter Peri
Ugo Rondinone
Matthieu Ronsse
Taryn Simon 
Katja Strunz
Angel Vergara
Franz West

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Franz West @ 'About Waves II - Re-figuratie', Cultuurcentrum, Strombeek-Bever, Belgium

22.02 - 23.03.2013

Opening February 22, 2013 - 8:30pm

Franz West, Franz West, 'Where is my Eight?', MUMOK, Vienna

23.02 – 26.05.2013

Opening: February 22, 2013– 7.00 p.m.

Franz West, born in 1947 in Vienna, is regarded as one of Austria’s most important representatives in the international art world. In 2011 he was honored with the award of a Golden Lion for his Lifetime Achievements at the Biennale di Venezia. Back in 1996 the mumok organized Franz West’s first comprehensive retrospective. Once again it will host an exhibition dedicated to the work of the artist who died in 2012 after initiating and co-developing it with great enthusiasm.

The focus of the thematically structured presentation is the Kombi- Werke [combi-works]. These are mainly installative works in which West repeatedly combined a number of individual pieces into new groups. The combination and recombination of various categories of works such as furniture, sculpture, Passstücke [adaptives], videos, or works on paper, from different creative periods, gives an overview of the whole spectrum of his œuvre.

Thus at the beginning of the exhibition the viewer encounters theGenealogie des Ungreifbaren [The Genealogy of the Intangible] from 1997 in which West shows three of his early Passstücke combined with one of his first chairs in a vitrine. Combi-walls will also be exhibited. For these West collected together diverse works on paper but also sculptural pieces and, with the addition of pieces of furniture, these expand to become room-filling installations as in the case of Kasseler Rippchen. West also repeatedly included works by other artists in this process.

One of the central exhibits is the papier-mâché sculptureRedundanz. It consists of three parts and can be regarded as a significant example of West’s early practice of combination and recombination. First shown in 1986, the artist considered it necessary to supplement the work with another sculpture since one part of the work had been sold against his will. The new version bears the title Reduktion. Since 2011 the mumok collection includes both versions of this work.

Visitors encounter one of West’s Lemuren [Lemurs] outside the mumok. These are head-like forms made of aluminium with over-sized openings for mouth and nose. On the top floor there are two large aluminium sculptures – one of which is almost six metres high – which West designed but which were not executed until after he died.

Franz West’s work is fundamentally participative in its approach, it seeks dialog with its recipients. The artist considered all his creations as invitations to interact and the varied reactions as a necessary and integral part of each work, the meaning of which was thereby continuously subject to change. The principle of combination and/or recombination is commensurate with his conviction that the meaning of a statement – or a pictorial element – can never be fixed or clearly defined but is repeatedly (re)constituted depending on its context and the recipient.

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Franz West - Ivo Dimchev, 'X-On', Centre Pompidou, Paris

30.01, 31.01 and 01.02.2013 (8:30pm)

Bulgarian choreographer Ivo Dimchev accepted the challenge of presenting Austrian artist Franz West's famous papier mâché sculptures, the Passstücke (Adaptives), in dance. Dimchev and his dancers incorporate the Adaptives into the performance, declaring themselves works of art and posing questions about our intellectual, physical and sensory relationship to the work.

To appreciate art, one must first develop a physical relationship to it. While West encourages visitors to his exhibits to explore the works, here Dimchev invites spectators to handle the sculpture, inspired by the rhythm of the object and the music. Dimchev is a fascinating performer with a unique imagination. He produces extreme works, marked by strange fantasies, a gestural vocabulary and an impressive use of voice.

Spectacles et concerts

30 - 31 January 2013, at 20h30 
1 February 2013, at 20h30 

Grande Salle - Centre Pompidou

Tickets: billetterie.centrepompidou

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MARK HANDFORTH, UGO RONDINONE, FRANZ WEST @ 'L'art à l'endroit: Un parcours d'art contemporain à Aix-en-Provence', Aix-en-Provence, France

12.01 - 17.02.2013

Le week-end des 12 et 13 janvier marque le coup d’envoi de Marseille-Provence 2013. Cet événement avec quatre temps forts festifs et de multiples propositions d’expositions donne le ton d’une année entière de culture, de fêtes et de découvertes artistes, lieux culturels, habitants et visiteurs s’associent pour commencer l’année Capitale en beauté.À Aix-en-Provence, la journée s’ouvre avec l’inauguration d’un parcours d’art contemporain dans l’espace public.

 Xavier Douroux, commissaire de l’exposition, a choisi des grands noms de l’art contemporain — Yayoi Kusama, Thomas Houseago ou Ugo Rondinone, entre autres — pour bousculer une dizaine d’espaces dans la ville. La Cour de l’Hôtel de Ville, la fontaine de la Rotonde, le Cours Mirabeau, le Grand Théâtre de Provence, le Pavillon Vendôme ou encore le Palais de Justice vivent une métamorphose surprenante qui amène visiteurs et habitants à reconsidérer les espaces du vivre-ensemble. La Capitale est lancée avec un parcours qui met « L’art à l’endroit » !

Artistes : Marc-Camille Chaimowicz, Mark Handforth, Thomas Houseago, Rachel Feinstein, Kimsooja, Yayoi Kusama, Jorge Pardo, Huang Yong Ping, Ugo Rondinone, Sofia Taboas, Xavier Veilhan, Franz West.
Commissariat : Xavier Douroux.

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SYLVIE FLEURY, FRANZ WEST @ 'Gold', Belvedere, Vienna

March 15 - June 17, 2012

The exhibition is devoted to the precious metal gold and its use in art. Displaying 200 works by 125 artists, this comprehensive show staged in the Lower Belvedere, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables highlights various applications of the shimmering metal. Since the Middle Ages, there have never been more artists working with gold than today. On view are familiar examples and numerous new discoveries, including works by Stephan Balkenhol, Georg Baselitz, Willi Baumeister, William Blake, James Lee Byars, Sylvie Fleury, Richard Hamilton, Yves Klein, Imi Knoebel, Emil Orlik, Gerhard Richter, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Giandomenico Tiepolo, Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol, and Franz West.

“Gold fires the spirit of life, stimulates the heart and blood, and bestows greatness and vigour.”
Paracelsus, 1493–1541

Gold has always held a great fascination for mankind. A symbol of light associated with the sun, it played an important role in all advanced civilizations and was used as a material of the gods, rulers, and the aristocracy. The greed for gold, however, was also a reason for wars, looting, and conquests. In times of crisis, gold is still considered a stabile investment.

In art production, gold was particularly frequently employed during the Middle Ages, yet in the following centuries disappeared from the visual arts almost entirely. It was only in the second half of the twentieth century that many artists took to working with gold again.

“The Belvedere is particularly suitable as a venue for such a comprehensive presentation on the subject of gold,” emphasizes director Agnes Husslein-Arco, “not only because gold runs like a red thread through the various collections and the architecture of the Belvedere palaces, but also because the show juxtaposes traditional visual elements with contemporary art.”

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Richard Prince, Angel Vergara, Franz West @ 'Art and Press', Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

23.03 -24.06.2012

The newspaper has served as material and subject matter for art since the mid-19th Century. Artists deal with this medium in many ways, whether in its function as an instrument of information or of manipulation. The motivations and meanings behind the use of the medium are always different. The exhibition ARTandPRESS shows over 50 artistic positions on this issue, by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Beuys, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Ai Weiwei, Julian Schnabel, William Kentridge, Richard Prince, Annette Messager and Rirkrit Tiravanija among others.

Many artists have created new work especially for the exhibition or have selected pieces from their oeuvre. Anselm Kiefer, for example, shows his view on the subject of media change in a large installation in the central atrium of the Martin-Gropius-Bau. The young Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri deals with the subject of censorship with his installation "Newsstand". In their series of paintings "London Pictures", Gilbert & George pose questions on the production of news and the truth by quoting headlines. Ai Weiwei has created an installation of steel reinforcements especially for the exhibition. The material for this comes from earthquake-damaged school buildings, under which around a thousand pupils were buried - the steel serves as evidence in search of the truth, which was not allowed to be reported in China.

ARTandPRESS is a project initiated by the Foundation for Art and Culture in Bonn under the artistic direction of Walter Smerling. Among those serving on the expert advisory council are Götz Adriani, Heiner Bastian, Siegfried Gohr, David Hornemann von Laer, Peter Iden and Norman Rosenthal. Hans-Joachim Petersen is responsible for the coordination.

ARTandPRESS is supported by the sponsor RWE AG. Its media partner BILD has devoted unique coverage to the theme by extensively featuring the participating artists and their works.

Accompanying the exhibition is a comprehensive catalogue, published by Wienand Verlag.

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24.03 - 22.04.2012

Opening 23.03.2012, 7 - 10 pm

Franz West Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement

54th Edition Venice Biennial / ILLUMInations (Venice, Giardini and Arsenale, June 4th - November 27th, 2011).

Sturtevant and Franz West will be the recipients of the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement of the 54th International Art Exhibition

The decision, made by the Board of la Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, under director Bice Curiger’s proposal, finds its motivation in “the uniqueness of their topical contribution to Contemporary Art and for having developed a forceful and rich oeuvre, which invites to see the artistic production in connection with other intellectual discourses”.

The award will be officially presented to the two artists on June 4th, 2011, at noon during the opening and award ceremony of the exhibition.

Biennale di Venezia 2011

54th International Art Exhibition: ILLUMInazioni - ILLUMInations

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to anounce the participation of  JAMES TURRELL & FRANZ WEST at the 54th International Art Exhibition - ILLUMInations as part of the Venice Biennale.

Location: Venice (Giardini and Arsenale)

Dates:  June 4th – November 27th, 2011
Preview: June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2011

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Franz West - FIAC Outdoor Projects

Tuileries gardens, Paris, France

13.10.10 – 24.10.10

In cooperation with the Louvre Museum, FIAC will present a programme of outdoor projects in the Tuileries gardens. This exhibition is a selection of some twenty projects including monumental installations, performance based works of an ephemeral nature as well as sculptural propositions. For this occasion, two huge sculptures of Franz West will be shown.

Franz WEST - Auto-Theater

Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria

25.09.10 – 09.01.11

Cooperating with the Museum Ludwig Cologne and the MADRE Naples, Kunsthaus Graz presents a retrospective of Franz West.

This exhibition involves works from a wide range of media and techniques showing the complexity and the originality of his carreer. An outside sculpture will be exhibited in the immediate environment of the Kunsthaus Graz.

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