Jennifer Guidi

  • , The Moment of Saturation (Lavender #1MT, Pink Sand SF #1H, Pink and Lavender CS), 2016
    Sand and acrylic on linen
    60 x 48 inches
  • , Glowing Through the Haze (Painted Burgundy Sand SF #1F, Purple Red Yellow and Pink),, 2016
    sand and acrylic on linen
    233,6 x 188 cm
    92 x 74 inches
  • , Sunset (Painted Light Pink Grey Sand SF #1F, Orange Blue Pink Lavender and Yellow), 2017
    Sand, acrylic and oil on linen
    233,68 x 187,96 cm
    92 x 74 inches

Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Guidi makes paintings notable for their sculptural presence and luminosity. Her meditative compositions highlight the procedural rigor of the artist's practice, as well as her ability to register – and generate – gradual shifts in perceptual awareness. Guidi's characteristic use of sand as a medium, her swirling mandala-like compositions, and the richness of her palette increasingly link her mode of abstraction to sensory experience of the natural world.



  • Jennifer Guidi 'Visible Light', museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy

    July 1 – 24 September 24, 2017

    Villa Croce presents Visible Light / Luce Visibile, the first solo museum exhibition by the American artist Jennifer Guidi.

    Visible Light / Luce Visibile is a new body of work investigating light, color and energy. The works in the show develop from Jennifer Guidi’s previous explorations of the painting surface and its texture through a personal practice of mark-making, reflecting on concepts of color and its lasting effects on the body and mind. Jennifer Guidi’s large canvases fill the rooms of the villa with saturated colors through abstract compositions that remind us of oriental mandalas and, creating new forms of interaction between each vibrant tone of color and the space it inhabits, these works evoke articulated sensory experiences.

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